Complaining for 127 years

“A great source of annoyance and trouble”. “A great many complaints have been made”. “It is just as difficult to get through this gate as ever it was”. Any resident of Carnegie would agree with these comments on the Koornang Road level crossing, even though they are from a letter to the editor of The Argus newspaper published on 8 September 1887. Yes that is 1887 … 127 years ago! Hopefully with both sides of politics promising to eliminate the level crossing, the annoyance and trouble won’t last much longer.

You can read the letter here. At the time Carnegie was known as Rosstown, and of course they were manual gates. It would be another 80 years before they were replaced with the automatic boom gates that remain today. Here is a picture of the crossing just before that occurred in 1967, from the Public Records Office web-site (you can find other photographs here – although I don’t think the last few ones are, despite their description, east/west views of the Grange Road crossing).

Koornang Rd manual gates

It would be almost another 20 years before the gates at the Neerim Road crossing on the Frankston line were replaced in 1986. You can see a video of the gates in operation, in their final days, here.

1 thought on “Complaining for 127 years

  1. I read an article in The Argus or The Age on Trove about complaints about the level crossing delays at Koornang Road. It was written in 1950! 68 years later the level crossing has just been removed. The wheels of progress turn slowly.

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