High rise for the station?

Given his historical connection to Carnegie, and previous track record in opposing a high rise development of Camberwell Station, perhaps Barry Humphries will do the same for a similar proposal for our station.

The Age has reported that as part of the plan to remove level crossings like that on Koornang Road, the re-build of the station could well involve some sort of high-rise development (The Age quotes an academic suggesting a 15-storey tower would be appropriate at nearby Murrumbeena station!). This is something that may even have support on council (see comments on this post on the Glen Eira Debates blog).

Almost 90 years ago the good residents of Carnegie fought to keep the parkland area around the station from shop development. Will it now be lost? Will commuters still be able to look out at the gum trees and imagine they are in a forest?

3 thoughts on “High rise for the station?

  1. Hi William, seems like the rail line and the rail station’s redevelopment would be a sure thing. The strips of new units development along both sides of the station would benefit from the upgrade in due course? or would they be affected by the heavier traffic and more noise. Its a pity if the gum trees would be removed by the development.

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  3. Hi,
    I think that a high rise development of the station could be a good idea for the area, given that there is substantial parking built for both the train commuters and the future apartments in the high rise. In my opinion, the parkland on the site however should be kept. Then, where the existing rail is, a bike path should be built to allow access for residents, with a bike path straight to the shops being a fantastic thing.

    As for high rise buildings, i think that it is important for these new apartments that are being built all over the place, remain close to the streets surrounding Koornang road, and only on roads such as Neerim road and Glen Huntley Rd. The residential streets need to be kept peaceful, and the more free standing, large houses in the area, the higher the land value will become.

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