Another planning battle for Carnegie

Walking the dog down Koornang Road this evening, someone had been busy with a piece of chalk. It wasn’t Carnegie’s own Mr Eternity. Rather someone protesting against a 5 storey apartment block, proposed for the Warehouse Sales shop/office on Koornang Road, opposite the service station. The foreboding yellow sign is up, giving notice of the planning application, and a petition against it is apparently available for signing at Lizzies’s Chocolates. The application is for 29 units, one shop and the seemingly ubiquitous request for a reduction in car parking requirements.

Taking our usual route took us down Moreton Avenue – the street on the south side of the railway station. On the corner with Shepparson Avenue is already a sales office for a 4 storey apartment block, with the sign proclaiming commencement of construction in October. Next to it, the old curtain factory (see below) has its own yellow sign – a 6 storey apartment block with 40 units, a shop and guess what – a reduction in car parking requirements. Presumably the developer will argue that being so close to the station, the residents won’t need as many cars as they would otherwise – yet with so many apartment blocks going up next to the station, will the residents find space on the already overcrowded trains during the morning commute?

Curtain factory

For any reader who is interested, information is available on line about these planning applications and any applications in your street- see here.

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