The unknown park … revisited

Just short of a year ago I wrote about the unknown park – the Caulfield racecourse reserve. Since then the upgrades have been finished, and you can now drive into the centre and park. But there is a bit of a secret to getting in.

The centre of the reserve is very much an asset for the community, particularly in a municipality which (so I have read) has the lowest amount of open space for its size of any in metropolitan Melbourne. But despite all it offers on my recent visits hardly anyone has been there …

Take fido for a walk around the lake on the new concrete path (there are off lead areas), or sit on a park bench and take in the view of the lake …

image (2)

Dangle a fishing line off the boardwalk …


Have a barbecue at one of the public barbecues (for those more energetic, in the background you can see some exercise equipment) …


The club has built toilet facilities (with disabled access and baby change tables) and a new bitumen car park.

For those who aren’t fortunate enough to live close enough to use one of the pedestrian access gates (see my previous post and the map below) the secret to accessing the reserve by car is … an automated gate at the entrance at the end of Glen Eira Road. Unless you realise it is there, you will think the gates are shut and you can’t drive in. The automated gate is on the left hand side as you drive from the roundabout towards the tunnel. Once through the gate drive through the tunnel, turn left after you come out, and you’ll see the car park – on the map below it is entrance number 4.

Caulfield Racecourse Reserve map

Although car parking is shown as being available adjacent entrance 1, in fact during the week you need to pay to park, and on the weekend the gates to that car park are closed (although a pedestrian gate is open, so you can still get into the centre via the pedestrian tunnel).

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