Coffee grounds in Koornang Road

Did you know that coffee grounds are great for the garden?

They are a mild fertiliser and compost activator. Have you tried to make your own compost only to find that it sits there doing nothing, and doesn’t heat up and turn into the dark brown soil improver that you expected? Try adding some used coffee grounds … based on my experience if you add enough, you can get the compost heating up to around 70 degrees, which certainly accelerates the decomposition process.

The other thing is that when coffee grounds go into land fill – and there must be a lot going there – it decomposes anaerobically, generating green house gases. But that doesn’t happen when you use it in the garden.

There is plenty of information on the internet about using coffee grounds. A fellow in East Bentleigh has an entire website devoted to the topic – see here.

The question is, where do you get your used coffee grounds? I used to pick them up from Starbucks, which left them packaged up in a basket for anyone to collect. After they stopped doing that I did ask down on Koornang Road at some of the cafes, who were happy to give me some on an ad hoc basis – but none took up my suggestion of following Starbuck’s lead and leaving them for people to collect.

I now collect the used grounds from the coffee machine at the office, but the other day saw a sign in the window at Michel’s Patisserie, saying that they would gladly give away their used coffee grounds. So why not collect some for the garden or your compost bin, and do something for the environment?

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