No more neon

Abbotsford had the skipping girl (and now has a replica), Richmond had the Nylex clock, Southbank had the Allen’s sweets sign, and Carnegie had

the neon snooker player sign on the Princes Entertainment Centre on Dandenong Road. It may not have been as impressive as those, nor as old, but it was a reminder of a time when neon signs were everywhere, and it was a little bit more interesting than the ubiquitious LED signs now seen at every second shop down on Koornang Road. However the Princes Entertainment Centre closed on 1 July, to be replaced by a self storage facility (after two extra storeys are added), so its neon sign shan’t be illuminated again.

Princes Neon sign

If neon signs of Melbourne are of interest, see this web-site.

1 thought on “No more neon

  1. Brilliant flashing neon signs were exciting technological things in my childhood – they still stand out from their competition! Thanks for the link to the Melbourne neons website which led me on to the US website with the video of how neon signs are made. A nice bit of historic understanding. Keep up the visual history archive!!!!

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