A mini Gold Coast for Dandenong Road?

In a previous post I covered the decision of the Council to reject an application for a 12 storey apartment tower on Dandenong Road, next to Officeworks. Instead the council approved an 8 storey building. That decision has now been overturned by VCAT.

In its decision on 16 May, VCAT granted a planning permit for a 12 storey tower. The full text of the decision is available here. Commentary on the decision on the Glen Eira Debates website is here and here (with a copy of an article in the Leader about the decision).

As a local reading the VCAT member’s decision, I am somewhat surprised to see it suggested (see paragraphs 35 and 37 of the reasons) that the fact that the site is separated from surburban housing by the railway line means a building of that height is not inappropriate, and that the rest of the adjacent lots along Dandenong Road are ripe for the development of tall buildings in the short to medium term. Will that stretch of Dandenong Road end up like a mini Gold Coast?

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