And then there were two … butchers that is

The 31st of December saw another one of our butcher’s shops close, Koornang Meats. The story I hear is that Max was forced to take an early retirement because his lease had come to an end, and the landlord offered a new one at a much higher rent. Not the first time I have heard that.

When I came to Carnegie 10 years ago there were four butchers in Koornang Road, and then another one opened up in Carnegie Central, when it opened. It seemed to me that the residents of Carnegie and surrounding suburbs must not be, in the main, vegetarians, given then were so many butcher’s shops so close to each other. I well remember an article in The Age a couple of years ago lamenting the loss of butcher’s shops in suburban shopping strips, which compared the number listed in a 1960s edition of the Yellow Pages with one of today, and suggested the availability of meat in longer opening supermarkets was to blame. First of all we lost the Tsarpalas brothers shop next to Santucci’s a couple of years ago when the brick wall fell down (see article in the Leader). It is now just a gutted shell, although by the looks of it Santucci’s have now had a mural painted across the hoardings to make it look a bit nicer. Then the butcher’s shop up at Carnegie Central closed, and now Koornang Meats. That leaves us with two … Barry Gardiner and Tom’s. The big questions is … will a restaurant move into the shop vacated by Koornange Meats?

1 thought on “And then there were two … butchers that is

  1. The big question is , where in Melbourne do you get aged beef anywhere near the quality of Max’s now ?

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