Charity bins in Carnegie

On our Sunday drive today, we were passing the intersection of Koornang and Neerim Roads when Mrs Ross spotted the bags of donated items piled up against the door of the Salvation Army store. She wondered how the poor folk who work in the store would actually be able to open the front door, and I pointed out that there is in fact a sign in the window that asks that donated items not be left there, and only be made while the store is open.


Now this made me think that maybe those leaving their donations in that pile did so because they didn’t know the location of the various charity bins around Carnegie, where goods can be left at any time. So, I thought, perhaps I should put up a list of all the bins I know of around Carnegie (and knowing from past experience that sometimes you need to go to more than one location, if the first bins you try are full). So here they are:

In the carpark of the railway station, access from Morton Avenue.

In the Safeway carpark, behind the public toilets in Kokarrib Road.

Next to St Anthony’s Church on the corner of Neerim and Grange Roads (it is on the Grange Road side, and as there is only one it is often full).

Not strictly in Carnegie are those in the carpark of Safeway in Glen Huntly (off Manchester Grove) and in the carpark of Coles in Caulfield (off Sir John Monash Drive).

3 thoughts on “Charity bins in Carnegie

  1. Though I agree with the comments that it’s not appropriate to leave your charity donations at the door of a closed charity shop (its actually a littering offence subject to fines over $200) the bins at the station generally belong to clothing recyclers who are not charities rather collect clothing and sell at a profit.

  2. The charity bins in the Safeway (now Woolworths) car park have been moved to the northern part of the car park ie the other side of Safeway.

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