Does your house have a name?

Back in the late 1880s and early 1900s, when much of Carnegie was sub-divided into residential blocks, there was no system of street numbers.
If you look at the old Sands and McDougall directories, under each street is listed residents’ names in order from one named cross street to the next, for each side of the street (south-side, north-side etc). No reference is made to street numbers.

However there was another system used to identify an address: house names. Chances are that, if you live in a house in Carnegie, long ago it had a name that would have appeared on a plaque somewhere adjacent the front door. Interested in finding out what it was? Oddly enough the way to do that is to look at sewer plans that date back to the early part of last century. My next door neighbour told me about them. After speaking with South East Water, and paying the appropriate fee (of course), I was provided a plan for the sewers for my home that also noted its name. Unfortunately Mrs Ross made it absolutely clear that there was no way that she would let me put a name plate on the front of our home.

However you may not have to pay the good people at South East Water in order to get a copy of your home’s sewer plans. Have a look at the State Library of Victoria’s website, and search for maps related to Carnegie. You’ll find Board of Works plans for a number of areas of Carnegie, which may just record the name of your home. I’ve identified some below.

For the area between Neerim Road (on the north), St Hubert’s Road (west), Koornang Road (east) and Glen Huntly Road (south): click here.

For the area between Holywood Grove (north), Grange Road (west), Mile End Road (east) and Neerim Road (south): click here.

For the area between Grange Road (west), the railway line (north), Holywood Grove (south) and Mile End Road (west): click here.

Even if a name isn’t shown for your home, call South East Water and ask if a name is shown on its sewer plan. In the Board of Works plan for my area it shows my home’s name but not the name of my neighbour’s, and he has told me it does appear on the sewer plan.

Hopefully with a bit of detective work on your part you might be able to give your home back its name!

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