The unknown park

A little known fact is that the land on which Caulfield racecourse is situated is in fact a public recreation reserve.

Outside of mornings when it is used for training, and on race days, members of the public can go for a jog on the race track, drop a fishing line in the lake (goodness knows what kind of fish you’d catch) or take the dog for a walk (off lead in some areas). However the number of closed gates you need to get through make you feel less than welcome; in fact more like a trespasser. That would probably explain why, even on a perfect afternoon, your correspondent has found that he is the only there among the rolling green grass. It doesn’t help that you need to be a sleuth to find the entrances. By far the easiest means of access is via a pedestrian tunnel that can be entered from the carpark to the east of the grandstands; the one used for University parking during the week. On a weekend the carpark gates can be closed, but there is a pedestrian gate which is, in my experience, always open. On Queens Avenue there is a gate, which has a magnetic lock that is presumably timer controlled, and on one occasion I found it locked when I would have thought it should be open. Besides, using this entrance one has to be rather nimble to get to the infield, at least via the most direct route, due to the need to duck under numerous fences (it is surprising just how many separate tracks there are). There is another entrance gate at the back of Glen Huntly Park, but it suffers from the same vice. You can avoid the need to duck by using the pedestrian gate at the traffic entrance at the end of Glen Eira Road, where there are some car parking spots which are usually empty. However you then need to walk through a fenced off part of the traffic tunnel, which can be muddy or dusty.

Well all of that is about to change, with the racing club presently upgrading the infield area with a carpark, concrete paths, playground, dog off lead area and soccer pitch. Below is a photo of a new boardwalk around the lake. Work is scheduled to be completed early next year.


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