Barry Humphries in Carnegie

Well not lately. In the early 1970s he did an album “Live at Carnegie Hall” with the cover being a picture of him in a dinner suit out the front of Carnegie Hall. Naturally you’d think that it would be Carnegie Hall in New York.
Well in fact it was our Carnegie Hall ie the Dutch Club in Rosstown Road. If you are walking past Barry Gardiner’s butcher’s shop in Koornang Road you will see on the wall, behind the counter, the said photo of Mr Humphries (although last time I looked it was obscured by some posters).  For those who want to see it now …

It is a shame that the building no longer has “Carnegie Hall” across its facade, although it is again known by that name, in addition to being the “Abel Tasman Dutch Club”, in its function as a live music venue – see its website.

3 thoughts on “Barry Humphries in Carnegie

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  2. Wonderful piece of Melbourne history. Thanks for posting the image and the post-Humphries history of the Hall.

    • Alas the hall may not be with us for much longer … a planning application notice was on display there last week, for a proposed eight storey apartment building.

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